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Gert’s Heart Scan Story


As a dedicated nurse for 30 years, Gert of Plainfield spent much of her time helping patients improve their health. When she retired, she was forced to be her own patient and take important steps towards improving her health.

Because of her past, she understood the importance of getting a heart scan and monitoring her heart health at her age. She also knew of her family's history of heart disease – the number one reason she knew she needed to schedule a heart scan.

Gert's heart scan revealed she had a dangerous level of plaque build-up in her heart. She realized that her actions now would determine the fate of her health in the future. She wanted to improve her lifestyle so she could be around for her grandkids.


Gert met with her family practice physician Dr. Julie Walters and cardiologist Dr. Kirk Parr to determine a plan of action. While the doctors adjusted her medications, Gert changed her diet and exercise habits. She never knew that one simple scan would not only change her lifestyle, but ultimately, save her life.

Knowledge is power. Gert knew about her threatening family history of heart disease and the importance of getting a heart scan. Hendricks Regional Health is committed to providing affordable access to life-saving health screenings. Gert took the steps towards monitoring her heart health and bettering her life. You can, too.


Take care of your heart, be proactive about your health and schedule your scan today.

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