Knee Pain & Injuries

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Knee pain is a common symptom in people of all ages and fitness levels, and is one of the most common reasons you might see an orthopedic specialist. It sometimes begins as mild discomfort and gets worse over time, or it may start suddenly after an acute injury. Knee injuries can cause pain, loss of function, and premature arthritis in patients. Common knee-related symptoms may include:

  • A feeling that your knee "gives way"
  • Pain with activity such as walking
  • Inability to squat or kneel
  • Trouble sitting for a long period of time due to pain

Why Hendricks?

Our orthopedic experts are highly skilled in diagnosing and treating a variety of knee injuries and concerns—and ensures your continued care is comfortable and effective. At Hendricks, we offer award-winning patient care and knee services including:

  • Streamlined electronic medical record system, delivering information when it's needed
  • Highly coordinated physical therapists, nurses, and orthopedic surgeons
  • Physical therapy, localized pain treatments, minor and major surgery for repairs
  • Continued support during the entire recovery process

Knee Pain Symptoms & Treatment

Meniscus Repair

The meniscus is two cartilage areas known as your knee’s "shock absorbers", helping to cushion the knee joint and keep it stable. Sometimes, a torn meniscus happens during activity or during direct contact sports. As we age, the risk for a degenerative meniscal tear increases, as the knee cartilage can weaken over time. Our past patients that have experienced a meniscus tear often describe feeling a "pop" during the injury. Other common symptoms include pain, stiffness, swelling, a "catching" feeling in your knee, and reduced range of motion. Like with other common knee injuries listed above, if conservative treatments are unsuccessful in improving the pain and stability of your knee, surgery may be needed. Our orthopedic surgeons are highly skilled in performing repairs to the meniscus to help you restore your active lifestyle.

ACL Reconstruction/Repair

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is located toward the front of the knee, and is the most commonly injured ligament. The ACL can be injured during a sudden twisting motion — when the feet stay planted one way, but the knees turn the other way. Skiing, basketball, and football are sports that have a higher risk of ACL injuries. If physical therapy or other treatments haven’t improved your pain and the stability of your knee, surgery may be needed. The goal of ACL surgery is to restore the function and stability of your knee so that you can become active again, and it aims to prevent any other future knee injuries. Our orthopedic surgeons are highly skilled in performing this procedure. Early medical treatment for knee ligament injury may include rest, elevation, ice to reduce swelling, compression from an elastic bandage or brace, and/or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine.

Knee Arthroscopy (Scope)

Arthroscopy gives our orthopedics doctors a clear view of the inside of the knee to help them diagnose and treat your injury. During the procedure, your physician may repair or remove any damaged areas, helping to relieve your knee pain. Arthroscopy is a common outpatient surgical procedure and is very effective in treating knee problems. In fact, according to the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, more than four million knee arthroscopies are performed each year.

Knee Replacement

If the knee joint is severely damaged, knee replacement surgery could be an option. This common procedure helps restore mobility, while reducing pain. To better understand the process and recovery expectations of this operation, visit our Knee Surgery & Replacement page. Our top-notch surgeons and physical therapists will help you regain mobility in no time.

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