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Cancer Navigator Program

Cancer Navigator Program

The Cancer Navigator Program at Hendricks Regional Health is dedicated to promoting and coordinating multi-disciplinary support for individuals with cancer in a compassionate, patient-centered environment.

The navigator program is designed to help patients and their loved ones cope with the life-changing experience that is cancer.

"I was, needless to say, shocked (by my diagnosis) and didn't know what to do next. Then stepped in the Cancer Navigator at Hendricks Regional Health. She was beyond helpful and helped me with every step I needed to take to get to where I am today, from biopsies, chemo, surgery and now radiation." —Tina, Danville

Our navigators are Registered Nurses trained to help with:

  • Setting up appointments and chemotherapy
  • Educating the patient and family about the cancer diagnosis and treatment side effects
  • Arranging devices, wigs or home care needs
  • Connecting patients and families to available resources
  • Assisting with insurance issues/financial concerns

For additional information, call (317) 718-8597. Click here to learn more about the range of cancer services, treatment, support, and resources provided by Hendricks Regional Health.

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