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Emotional Fitness

The Hendricks Regional Health Emotional Fitness team offers stress management (or emotional fitness as we've come to call it) classes for the community. In the same way that we know we need to do daily activities to keep ourselves physically fit, we should also be doing daily activities to keep ourselves emotionally fit.  Check here frequently to find updated Emotional Fitness tips and tools to help you live your better life.

Staying connected, no matter what is going on in the world, improves our emotional fitness. Emotional Fitness class topics range from behavioral information, yoga, meditation, exercise and more. All of these classes focus on helping participants introduce emotional fitness techniques and relaxation methods into their daily lives.
Three program offerings are available:

  • Emotional Fitness monthly classes; free. Topics vary.
  • Emotional Fitness Discovery class; free. Offered three times per year and provides an introduction to all stress management topics.
  • Eight-Week Intensive Emotional Fitness Series; cost is $250 with potential discounts depending on your employer.

  Class Example

All classes are free to Hendricks Regional Health associates. Monthly Emotional Fitness classes are also free to the public.

Visit our Events webpage to register for upcoming classes: Register Now by typing in Emotional Fitness into the "Title Contains" field

Program Topics

A new outlook can change your behavior. While we all deal with difficult situations every day, we choose how we will think about those situations and ourselves. This class will focus on simple techniques that can help lead to a healthier, more productive life. A brief lesson in gratitude journaling will also be included.

A form of somatic education that used gentle movement and directed attention to improve movement and enhance human functioning.

Health benefits from practicing yoga include flexibility, strength, endurance, better posture, improved balance, less stress and more. Participants will be introduced to breathing techniques, alignment and asanas (yoga postures). One of the misconceptions of yoga is that you must be flexible to participate, but in reality, yoga helps improve flexibility.

Jacobsen's Relaxation sequence is a physical exploration of the tension and relaxation that is always present in our bodies to varying degrees. Participants will learn to move from tension to relaxation in a guided exercise lead by one of HRH's physical therapists.

Meditation has been a part of every culture as far back as we can find historical writings. Benefits of meditation include calming, living in the moment, becoming more aware of one's environment, and spiritual enrichment. There are many types of meditation, and we will explore two during this session. The focus will be on how participants can incorporate meditation into their daily lives for improved health.

Much stress in our lives is generated by friction in our personal relationships, both at home and at work. Understanding our own personality and that of others can give us insight into why we act, make choices, and feel as we do. The session will explore each participant's personality type, as well as their triggers for moving into an unhealthy state, and how to identify when they are in an unhealthy state.

This course consists of eight two-hour sessions. A firm commitment is required and space is limited. Individuals will gain a greater knowledge of content by attending each week and completing homework tasks. Each session contains a group discussion, a teaching segment, and a "relaxation response" method. At the end of the sessions, each individual will be able to have tried and identified those "relaxation response" methods that will work best for him or her. Although free to Hendricks Regional Health Associates, this class does have a cost for the public.


Does your group or organization have a need for customized Emotional Fitness presentations? Call Dr. Cindy Myers, PT, DHSc at 317-838-3434 to explore your needs

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