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Marilyn's Story: Hit the Road with Pain Free Knees

Marilyn's Story:
Hit the Road with Pain Free Knees

Riding cross country on a motorcycle takes an adventurous spirit. Just ask Marilyn of Plainfield. She and her husband, Mark, have put thousands of miles on their Honda Goldwing and have created many fond memories on that big, shiny touring bike. Their trips nearly came to a screeching halt when Marilyn's knee problems made it difficult for her to get on and off the motorcycle. In fact, the pain in Marilyn's right knee kept her off the bike for a year. That downtime couldn't tame her desire to get back on the open road, so she called Dr. Kyle Ritter at Hendricks Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.


Over the years, Mark and Marilyn have taken their bike on Route 66 to Amarillo, Texas, to Tybee Island, Georgia, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They rode the famed Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina, a curvy stretch of road that borders the Smoky Mountains and Cherokee National Forest. As a proud American, Marilyn's favorite bike trip was the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom to Washington, D. C., to honor war veterans. On all of these trips, the couple was logging 300 to 500 miles per day. As her knee deteriorated, the rides became more and more difficult for Marilyn to tolerate.

Dr. Kyle Ritter

For a year and a half, Marilyn managed her knee pain with the help of Dr. Kyle Ritter. Injections and a meniscus tear repair provided some relief. During the surgery to repair the meniscus, Dr. Ritter was better able to see the extent of the damage in Marilyn's knee. Her best bet for long-term relief was to have a total knee replacement.

In November, 2014, Dr. Ritter replaced Marilyn's right knee. Marilyn worked closely with her orthopedics team at Hendricks Regional Health, including Dr. Ritter's surgical technician, Pam, and physical therapist, Lisa Summerlot, to overcome the challenges of recovering from knee surgery and regaining her active lifestyle. Before the surgery, Marilyn walked with a limp and even used a cane on occasion to get around the house. Lisa helped give Marilyn the confidence she needed to complete physical therapy, get back on her feet and reclaim the life she was missing.


A few months after her surgery, Marilyn was cruising again, this time on an ocean liner. She and Mark were able to enjoy a cruise with a large group of friends from Plainfield. For the first time in years, Marilyn was able to dance the night away.

Marilyn and Mark are back on their bike now, enjoying the rush that comes with touring the countryside. Thanks to her tremendous orthopedics team at Hendricks Regional Health, this grandmother of five has definitely recaptured the life she loves and is not letting anything slow her down.

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