Survivorship Program

Survivorship Program

The Survivorship Program at Hendricks Regional Health is dedicated to providing support for individuals following their battle with breast cancer. The Survivorship Program is designed to help survivors and their loved ones live their best life after cancer.

Survivor Services & Resources

Members of our Survivorship Program will receive:


  • Breast cancer recurrence education
  • Access to exercise and strength training programs
  • Access to nutrition services
  • Education on fatigue, sleep, chemo brain, bone health and more
  • Dedicated support from trained staff

For additional information, call (317) 745-4451.

Follow-Up After Breast Cancer

After breast cancer, the team at Hendricks Regional Health will continue to follow and look for any signs of breast cancer recurrence.

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Breast Cancer Peer Support Group

Created by women with breast cancer, this group serves the newly diagnosed, those in treatment and those in their survivorship journey.

Call (317) 250-3057

Sleep & Fatigue Management

Sleep problems after cancer are common, and it's important to make sure you are getting good sleep. The Hendricks Regional Health Sleep Center can help.

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Lymphedema Management

Most patients will not experience lymphedema after breast cancer treatment. If there is a concern for lymphedema, physical therapy may be suggested.

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Cancer Services & Treatment

Discover the range of cancer services, treatment, support, and resources provided by Hendricks Regional Health.

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DEXA Testing & Bone Health

Breast cancer survivors will be monitored for osteoporosis and bone loss at our Center for Breast & Bone Health.

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Debi's Survivor Story

Debi was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and is now breast cancer free. With a equal parts compassion, sincerity and sass, she shares her story with others.

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Share Your Story

Every survivor story is unique. The feedback we receive from patients and their loved ones during and after their cancer journey at Hendricks Regional Health is invaluable.

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