Toddler to Pre-Kindergarten Health (1-4 years)

Toddler to Pre-Kindergarten - Ages 1 to 4

From potty training to preschool, your little one has so many exciting developments ahead of them. We’re here to help you and your youngster navigate each milestone and keep them growing healthy, strong, and happy.

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Please keep in mind that while this page provides information for children 1-4 years of age, it should not replace the information or delay treatment provided by your healthcare provider. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, be sure to consult with your child's pediatrician.

Caring for Your Toddler/Preschooler

Nutrition and Wellness

Get your toddler or preschooler on the right path to healthy eating with these reads on nutrition and wellness:

Child Safety

As parents, we protect our children from the risks and hazards of everyday life. From car safety to choking, keep your little ones safe with the following advice:

Vaccinations, Illness, and Disease

Here’s helpful advice on vaccinations for toddlers and young children, as well as information on illnesses and diseases:

Speech and Development

As your toddler expands their vocabulary and language skills, it’s important to keep these speech and development tips top of mind:

Visit our Speech Therapy Services for Children page for more information on how our team can help.

Toilet Training

How do you know if your toddler is ready? Every child goes at their own pace, but these resources will help parents coach them through the process:

Behavior and Activities

Your child is going through a lot of social and behavioral changes at this stage. Read advice on everything from dealing with thumb sucking to encouraging preschool play:

For even more good reads on raising healthy kids at every stage and age,
visit our extensive child's health resource library.