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Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Our feet function as the major weight-bearing part of the body—with that kind of constant pressure, most people experience foot or heel pain at some point in their life. Foot problems can affect the way other parts of your body function, such as your hips, knees, or back. That's why it's important to talk to your doctor if you are experiencing foot or heel pain.

Properly fitted orthotics can provide relief for heel or arch pain, an injury or sprain, bunions, or plantar fasciitis. They can help with pain triggered by sports, or from the natural foot changes brought on by growing older. People who stand excessively on the job may also benefit from orthotics.

Our Services

Our orthotics therapists can be found at our campuses in Danville, Brownsburg, Plainfield, and the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA in Avon. We also provide custom-fitted orthotics for children age two to seven at our Avon YMCA campus. Schedule an orthotic therapy session for you or your child by calling us at (317) 745-3420.

Some of the options our therapists may discuss with you are:

  • Over-The-Counter Orthotics: Sometimes all a patient may need is a simple, over-the-counter orthotic to relieve their pain and help them move more comfortably. We can help find the best over-the-counter solution for our patients.
  • Custom Heat Molded Orthotics: Depending on a patient's needs, a heat-molded orthotic may be an option. They are usually less expensive than other types of customized orthotics, and patients can usually go home with them the same day.
  • Casting: When the foot problem is more severe, or harder materials are required, our therapists make molds of a patient's feet, and then work through a lab to make casts.

Looking for more? In addition to orthotics therapy, Hendricks Regional Health provides a range of occupational therapies and physical therapies.

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