Pediatric Services

NEWBORN CARE VIDEO: Click here for our educational newborn care video for parents.

At Hendricks Regional Health, we understand that children aren’t just small adults. They require individualized, developmentally appropriate care from an experienced staff trained in pediatric health. Our services for kids encompass everything from well child care, such as immunizations and physicals, to specialty care for conditions like asthma, childhood diabetes or other health problems.

Our team is recognized nationally for our high safety standards and patient experience, with pediatric nurses trained in caring for both children and mothers. And parents and family members can feel confident and comfortable knowing we have pediatric hospitalists specializing in inpatient care at our dedicated pediatric unit around-the-clock, providing 24/7 support.

Pediatric Services

Children admitted to our hospital are often treated by our team of experienced, caring hospitalists. Pediatric hospitalists work with your child's pediatrician or family doctor involved in your child's care. Learn More »


We're proud to offer dedicated private rooms for children needing to stay in the hospital. Every aspect of our Pediatric Unit was designed to offer a sense of comfort and security to young patients and their families. Learn More »


Babies born in our Childbirth Center receive care by the expert staff in our Newborn Nursery. As an educational resource for parents, our pediatric team has created a custom newborn care video. Learn More »


The Childbirth Center offers a nursery for babies needing medical monitoring and specialized treatment after birth. Our nurses are highly experienced in providing advanced care for newborns and are supported by our pediatric hospitalists. Learn More »


Our pediatric therapists focus on regaining skills lost to an illness or injury, and improving functional skills for children with cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, or other developmental delays. We tailor a treatment plan to your child's needs. Learn More »


Research shows that kids heal more quickly when they're prepared for their surgical experience. These tours provide an opportunity for your child to explore the hospital and/or surgery center in a fun, relaxed way prior to surgery. Learn More »


It's vitally important for kids to get the quality sleep their growing bodies need. Whether your child suffers from sleep apnea, night terrors, restless leg syndrome, or has trouble falling asleep, our sleep specialists can help. Learn More »


We provide specialized services for children, including the diagnosis and treatment of aphasia, articulation disorders, apraxia, communication challenges associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders, slurred speech, stuttering, and more. Learn More »


It may have been a surprise when your child's healthcare provider recommended testing for lead poisoning, particularly if you live in a newer home. For decades, we had been chiefly concerned about lead-based paint in homes built before 1978. Learn More »


Properly fitted orthotics for your child can provide relief for heel or arch pain, an injury or sprain, bunions, or plantar fasciitis. They can help with pain triggered by sports or the natural foot changes brought on as kids grow older. Learn More »


Our registered dieticians offer a weight management program for children and families to learn about nutrition and physical activity while providing lots of interaction and positive reinforcement. We also offer programs for kids with diabetes. Learn More »


When your child is with another caregiver, you know they are in good hands - but what if a medical situation arises? It is important to make sure to give all caregivers permission to seek medical assistance for your children. By completing this form you are granting permission for Hendricks Regional Health to provide medical assistance if it becomes necessary when your child is being cared for by someone else. Click here to access the form in Spanish.


Child Health

Baby (0-12 mos)

Baby (0-12 mos)

From breastfeeding and safe sleeping, to fighting fever and infection, find helpful advice on caring for your infant.

Toddler/Pre-K (1-4 yrs)

Toddler/Pre-K (1-4 yrs)

Help your curious, active toddler or preschooler grow healthy and strong with these nutrition, wellness, and safety tips.

Grade School (5-11 yrs)

Grade School (5-11 yrs)

Discover the dietary, wellness, and vaccination requirements your grade schooler needs for healthy growth and development.

Teen Years (12 - 18 yrs)

Teen Years (12 - 18 yrs)

During their transitional stage from childhood to adulthood, it's important to keep this information in mind for your adolescent child.



Our Health Resources

With a variety of topics, our library offers helpful information for raising healthy children. Here you can find Age Specific articles, nutritional suggestions, as well as parenting advice.

Medical Group Offices

Hendricks Regional Medical Group is our network of primary, specialty and immediate care physicians in Hendricks and nearby counties. View all offices and access the patient portal.


Support Groups

From breastfeeding to young mother support, we're proud to facilitate and host a variety of support groups for the community. All meetings are free to participants.

Women's Health

We're committed to meeting the specialized health needs of women, from motherhood through menopause. Discover our range of programs and services for women.


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