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Sports Medicine School Partnerships

Sports Medicine School Partnerships

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Hendricks Regional Health partners with schools across Hendricks, Morgan and Putnam Counties to bring a dedicated team of athletic trainers, sports medicine physicians, physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons to our student athletes. They work together to provide a continuum of care for young athletes throughout our community, helping them to build strength, treat pain effectively and prevent future injury.

Student Athletes & Sports Medicine

According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, approximately one-fourth of coaches, athletes and parents don’t focus on injury prevention. The prevalence of sports medicine in our schools and sports leagues can help to reduce the risk of injury and continue to keep our athletes and community active.

Sports Injury Infographic

While only 37% of public high schools across the nation employ a full-time athletic trainer, our local partnerships ensure 100% of the public high schools in Hendricks, Morgan and Putnam Counties have access to athletic trainers.

Learn more about the benefits of sports medicine for athletes and non-athletes, and discover how our partnerships helps student athletes in our community:

Delivering a Team Approach

Hendricks Regional Health’s sports medicine school partnerships are best delivered through a team approach. Our team includes athletic trainers, non-operative physicians, orthopedic surgeons and other healthcare providers, all with the collective goal of supporting student athletes on a daily basis and helping them succeed in their sport or everyday activity.

Certified athletic trainers are equipped to provide athletes with a multitude of services, including health care during practices and games, assessment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, and development of programs to reduce the risk of injury. They also provide immediate care after an injury such as an ankle sprain, torn ACL or muscle strain.

Board-certified sports medicine physicians partner with schools to offer expert assessment of a wide array of sports-related injuries, as well as regular screenings such as school physicals. They work closely with our physical therapy and orthopedic teams to create a personalized treatment plan for safe return to play.

In addition, we have a board-certified sports dietitian available to work with athletes to create customized nutrition strategies that meet specific goals. We apply the science of sports nutrition to create a plan that delivers optimum benefits to help our student athletes reach their highest potential.

Our Current Partnerships

We are proud to partner with the following interscholastic athletic programs:

  • Avon High School and Middle Schools
  • Bethesda Christian School
  • Brownsburg High School and Middle Schools
  • Cascade High School and Middle School
  • Crawfordsville High School and Middle School
  • Danville High School and Middle School
  • DePauw University
  • Monrovia High School and Middle School
  • North Montgomery High School and Middle School
  • North Putnam High School and Middle School
  • Plainfield High School and Middle School
  • Southmont High School and Junior High School
  • South Putnam High School and Middle School
  • Tri-West High School and Middle School
  • Wabash College
  • Wayne Township Metropolitan School District

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