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John's Story: Rise and Shine, Pain Free

John's Story:
Rise and Shine, Pain Free


Managing 18 horses often means serving up 50-pound bales of hay before the sun comes up. Just ask John of Brownsburg.

Over the years, raising horses, participating in rodeos, riding mountain trails in Arizona, and tending to daily chores on his horse ranch has been rough on John’s body. Especially on his joints.

Dr. Mark Booher

Eventually, pain and loss of motion led John to research his options. He made an appointment with Dr. Mark Booher, of Hendricks Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Dr. Booher was able to successfully manage John's pain for several years before needing to take the next steps towards joint replacement surgery.

One afternoon, while riding his favorite mule, Ned, John’s hip completely locked up. His loss of flexibility had caught up with him and he couldn’t get out of the saddle. As a friend pulled him down he said to John, "I thought you were going to get that fixed." John replied, "I am now."

John chose an anterior hip replacement with Dr. Brad Prather of Hendricks Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. The biggest selling point was the relatively short recovery time and few restrictions after surgery. Immediately following his surgery, John worked with physical therapist, Justin Becker, to regain his strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Just 12 weeks after his hip surgery, John and Ned were back in Arizona riding the mountain trails. Every day, they spent eight to 10 hours together on the trails. John was pain free and doing what he loves.

Of course, John kept living his life to the fullest. Unfortunately, his knees couldn’t keep up.

First the hip, then the knees.

Of course, John kept living his life to the fullest. Unfortunately, his knees couldn’t keep up.

One year after his hip replacement, John had his left knee replaced - and a year after that his right knee. Dr. Prather handled both knee replacements and, this time, physical therapist, Megan Everett, provided the therapy John needed to recover quickly.

Thanks to the expert care he received from his sports medicine and orthopedics team at Hendricks Regional Health, John has regained full motion and is able to rise and shine, pain free.

Ready to begin your continuum of care and get back to the activities you love? Explore our joint replacement services or schedule an appointment with us here.