Cancer Services and Treatment

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At Hendricks Regional Health, we take a team approach to diagnosing and treating cancer, with the knowledge that — just like every cancer — every patient is unique. Our team includes medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, breast surgical oncologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, radiologists, nutritionists, physical therapists and others, all collaborating to develop the optimal plan of care for you. We work with partners like Cancer Support Community and Livestrong to guide patients into survivorship with every question answered along the journey. Together, we are stronger in the fight against cancer. 


Cancer Center, Avon, (317) 272-3636
Infusion Center, Danville, (317) 745-3536
Navigator Program, Danville, (317) 718-8597
Resource Center, Danville, (317) 718-8597
Breast & Bone Health, Danville, (317) 745-3404
Breast & Bone Health, Brownsburg, (317) 456-9070

Screening & Diagnosis

Mammography & Breast Care

Many women will develop breast conditions during their lifetimes, some of which will require treatment and others that will not. Mammograms serve a vital role in breast cancer screening. Find information about our Center for Breast and Bone Health services.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Routine colonoscopies are recommended for those age 50 and over, but those with a close family history of colon cancer or polyps should begin at age 40. A colonoscopy is the best protection against colorectal cancer because it provides screening, testing and prevention.

Community Screenings

Preventative care screenings are important in diagnosing health conditions and cancer early. We support many efforts throughout the year to provide health screenings to our community, including mobile health screenings.

Radiology & Imaging

Diagnostic tools used to diagnose cancer include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scanning, positron emission tomography (PET) exams, nuclear medicine, ultrasound imaging and pathology.

Treatment Services

Advanced Surgical Care

Treating cancer sometimes includes a surgical procedure — such as a biopsy, aspiration or removal of a tumor. Our board-certified surgeons are supported by Magnet® accredited nurses and the latest technology.

Chemotherapy Services

For many patients, chemotherapy is part of their treatment plan. The Hendricks Regional Health Outpatient Infusion Center provides chemotherapy and patient education.

Radiation Oncology Care

We utilize the latest technology techniques and offer IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy), SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy), SRS/SRT (Stereotactic Radiosurgery/Stereotactic Radiation Therapy), Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), 3D (Three-Dimensional) computerized treatment planning and HDR (High Dose Rate) Brachytherapy internal radiation treatment for any cancer treatment.

Breast Surgical Oncology Care

The Hendricks Regional Health Breast Center, led by Dr. Monet Bowling, offers a full complement of breast surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Support & Resources

Cancer Navigator Program

From scheduling appointments, to assisting with financial concerns, the navigator program is designed to help patients and their loved ones cope during this life-changing experience.

Complimentary Patient Resources

From cancer support groups, to chaplaincy and pastoral care, many of our patients find that complementary care is beneficial during their treatment journey.

Cancer Resource Center & Library

Hendricks Regional Health offers a Cancer Resource Center and Library at our Danville Campus. These resources are open to cancer patients and their families.

Patient Stories

Our goal is to guide our patients into survivorship with the highest quality of support and care. If you're curious about our cancer experience, read the following testimonials from past patients and their family members.