Maternity Care

Every birth story is unique, but many are filled with a mixture of anticipation, excitement and sometimes a little nervousness. Our Childbirth Center staff is here to put you at ease and help you feel confident during your journey. We’ll take excellent care of you and your growing family every step of the way, providing a safe, healthy and happy experience, from prenatal care to childbirth and beyond.

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Collaboration is a key component to providing quality care to patients at our Childbirth Center. Watch to learn more from our team.

Preparing for Baby

Epic Electronic Health Record System

You do not need to pre-register your birth. Hendricks Regional Health offers the convenience of the Epic Electronic Health Record System.

Your Healthy Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do on your "Baby Journey." When you're expecting, your body goes through many changes. At Hendricks Regional Health, we want to help you learn safe exercises, what to expect during each trimester and how to provide nourishment to both you and your developing baby. Sign up for our BeWell Newsletter and check out the resources we have to help you during pregnancy and beyond.

Support Groups

Get answers to your questions, find out what you can do to have a healthy pregnancy and the resources in Hendricks County available to you.

Preparing for Baby Classes

Hendricks Regional Health's Childbirth Center offers a variety of classes for anyone preparing to welcome a new baby. From childbirth to breastfeeding, classes for siblings, what to expect after your baby is born and how to go back to work and still breastfeed, we are here to help you feel prepared for your "Baby Journey."

Register for Classes

To find when and where our classes are offered, visit our events page, where you can search the dates you are looking for and register for the classes that will meet your needs during your 'Baby Journey'. Some classes are offered a few times a month, and others are offered quarterly.

Labor and Delivery

Childbirth Center Features

We respect the birth plans of each mother-to-be. For moms choosing a more natural approach, we help promote relaxation and offer the use of whirlpool tubs. Moms choosing an epidural or other pain relief receive care from an anesthesiologist in their private laboring suite. We also have a one-to-one nurse-to-patient ratio for patients in active labor, so our nurses can spend more time at their bedside. Call (317) 718-4585 to schedule a tour.

Special Care Nursery

Every baby born at Hendricks Regional Health receives the very best care. Our pediatric hospitalists and Special Care Nursery staff are highly trained, experienced and passionate about providing advanced care for infants experiencing medical conditions at birth. Our Special Care nurses receive additional hands-on experience in one of the state’s largest Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs).

Labor FAQs

OB-GYNs in the Hendricks Regional Health Medical Group deliver babies only at Hendricks Regional Health. That means our doctors are involved in making decisions about our Childbirth Center, and they maintain a close working relationship with our nurses and staff. It’s comforting for patients to know that when they go into labor, their doctor will be here and not at another hospital. Have specific questions about your labor and delivery experience?

VBAC & C-section FAQs

Many expectant moms have questions about their chances of having a cesarean birth and the feasibility of a vaginal birth after cesarean. Our OB-GYNs put together helpful answers to your most commonly asked questions about VBAC and C-Sections here at Hendricks Regional Health. Every woman is unique and so is her birthing experience, so it’s important to talk with your doctor about which labor and delivery methods are best for you and your baby.

Pediatric Hospitalists

Our pediatric hospitalist team specializes in caring for infants and children in a hospital setting. They work closely with your family doctor or pediatrician when needed, and because their offices are right here in the hospital, they are more readily available to provide care to new babies and families, answer questions and be a supportive resource to the nursing staff.

Labor and Childbirth: Thinking About a Birth Plan

A birth plan outlines your wishes for labor and birth. It helps your healthcare providers know what you want and expect. But be aware that labor is a series of changing conditions and your birth plan may need to change at the last minute. Work with your healthcare provider to create a plan that leaves room for the unexpected.

New Mom Support

Breastfeeding Resources

New moms and babies benefit from one-on-one support from our clinical lactation consultants before and after delivery. We provide online and in-person resources to help moms achieve their individual breastfeeding goals, during pregnancy and into the weeks and months following delivery. We are happy to report that 85% of our moms breastfeed, well above the national average.

Postpartum Depression

10-25% of mothers develop a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder. During pregnancy and after having a baby, it’s natural to feel strong emotions. But sometimes these feelings of sadness are much more intense. Learn the symptoms and talk to your doctor. Our helpline can be reached at (317) 718-4018.

Support Groups

The Childbirth Center is proud to facilitate and host a variety of support groups for new and expecting parents such as a monthly 'Baby Talk' group for first time parents to explore parenting in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Pregnancy & Post Physical Therapy

With your body changing shape to accommodate a growing baby, it is not unusual to experience different aches and pains throughout your body. Physical therapy can help you manage these discomforts and teach you how to prevent further issues down the road while caring for your newborn.

Caring for Your Newborn

Newborn Care Video

Diaper changing, bottle feeding, sleep safety—there’s a lot to learn as a parent of a newborn. Pediatric hospitalist Beth Summers, MD, discusses caring for your new baby in-depth, and gives tips on when it’s time to call your pediatrician.

Infant Health Resources

Your baby will go through a range of developmental stages over the next year. Whether you're first-time parents, or welcoming another baby, we're here to help you care for your new addition in every transformative stage.

Pediatric Services

Our pediatric services encompass everything from well child care, such as immunizations and physicals, to specialty care for conditions like asthma, childhood diabetes, or other health problems affecting children. From the moment your child is born through their teenage years, they’ll receive individualized, developmentally appropriate care by an experienced staff.

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