Hip Pain & Injuries

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Your hip is a ball-and-socket joint designed to withstand a large amount of weight, wear, and tear. However, damage and overuse from activity can lead to a range of injuries, including muscle strain, cartilage deterioration, or hip bone fracture. Age can play a factor here, too, as wear and tear might manifest over time, and some hip joint conditions may be caused by arthritis.

Why Hendricks?

Our orthopedic experts are highly skilled in diagnosing and treating a variety of hip injuries and concerns—and ensures your continued care is comfortable and effective. At Hendricks, we offer award-winning patient care and hip services including:

  • Streamlined electronic medical record system, delivering information when it's needed
  • Highly coordinated physical therapists, nurses, and orthopedic surgeons
  • Physical therapy, localized pain treatments, minor and major surgery for repairs
  • Continued support during the entire recovery process

Hip Pain Symptoms and Treatment

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

If you're in need of more serious relief, a hip replacement surgery may be performed to replace a worn or damaged ball and socket of the hip joint. We offer anterior hip replacement surgery, performed by our very own Dr. Brad Prather. With an anterior hip procedure (versus the traditional hip replacement procedure), hip muscles are spared—the surgeon uses smaller, specialized instruments to spread muscles and access the hip joint. This approach makes surgery less traumatic to the patient and reduces the time it normally takes for healing. For more information on this procedure, visit here.

Triathlete Karin Daun underwent joint replacement surgery using the Direct Anterior approach. Learn more about her journey and recovery here.

Hip Pain from Arthritis

Starting as early as age 50, people may develop osteoarthritis, which can cause painful movement, swelling, and stiffness. This occurs as the smooth surfaces of the cartilage that line the bones of the shoulder joint are worn away. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, osteoarthritis may be related to sports or work injuries, as well as chronic wear and tear. Other types of arthritis can be related to rotator cuff tears or inflammation. Treatments by our staff for arthritis in the shoulder depend on the severity of your pain. The usual treatments are rest, medications to help with inflammation, and cortisone injections. In some cases, a replacement of the shoulder joint is needed. To learn more about our arthritis specialties, view here.

Hip Arthroscopy (Scope)

If you're experiencing snapping, rubbing, inflammation, or swelling in the hip, an arthroscopy could be performed, giving our orthopedic doctors a clear view of the inside of the hip to help them diagnose and treat your injury. During the procedure, your physician may repair or remove any damaged areas, helping to relieve your joint pain. Arthroscopy is a common outpatient surgical procedure.

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