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PreAssessment Testing Clinic

The goal of the PreAssessment Testing Clinic (PATC) is to prepare patients—and their families—for their surgical procedure through preoperative testing and education to help them have a safe and comfortable hospital experience. Hendricks Regional Health PATC partners with the patient’s physician to help provide the high-quality medical care. Most preoperative testing, dictated by a doctor’s order, can be done at the PATC office. Typically, the doctor will contact the PATC office with orders for lab work, EKGs or X-rays. Following the referral, the PATC office will contact the patient to schedule an appointment. PATC serves patients at both Hendricks Regional Health and the Hibbeln Surgery Center. For more information, consult your doctor or call (317) 745-8451.

Your Visit to the PATC Office
During your visit to the PATC office, you will meet with a registered nurse who will ask specific questions about your medical history, past surgeries and any current prescription or over-the-counter medications, including vitamins and herbal supplements. At this time, we take the opportunity to talk with you and your family members about the procedure, including:
  • What you can expect before and after the surgery
  • Demonstration of equipment that may be used during your hospital stay
  • Pain Management
  • Activity
  • Diet
Special Needs
During your PATC visit, arrangements can be made to meet with any specialty departments that will also be involved in your care. Referrals or visits with specialty areas within the hospital, such as ostomy/wound care, nutrition and dietetics, the chaplain or others can be made to coincide with one’s PATC visit.
Discharge Planning
Social services can meet with a patient and family at the time of the PATC visit to address any special discharge needs. A patient planning to go to a rehabilitation facility will be provided with helpful information and arrangements can be started if a patient already knows which facility they would like to be discharged to. Any needs for home health care or any other special needs can also be addressed at this time as well.
"Must Haves" and Reminders For Your Surgery
  • Wear comfortable clothing that will fit over the surgical area which may contain a cast and/or bandages. Please avoid jeans or other tight-fitting clothing.
  • Bring any personal items such as a hairbrush, toothbrush, make-up and sleepwear if an overnight stay is required.
  • Diversion is an important part of pain management, so bring a good book, crossword puzzles, knitting or other activities that you enjoy.