Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised program designed to help improve your cardiovascular health. This step of the process is crucial for a speedy and successful recovery after a heart attack, heart failure, procedure or surgery.

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How Does Cardiac Rehabilitation Work?

The days and weeks following a cardiac event can be overwhelming. Our cardiac rehabilitation program at Hendricks Regional Health maps out the road to recovery through a medically supervised education and exercise program. These services are available in Danville, Brownsburg and at the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA in Avon and are tailored to the specific patient's treatment plan.

A vital tool in your emotional recovery after a cardiac event is the support and camaraderie shared by other patients. As patients exercise together through our Cardiac Rehab program, they share experiences and concerns, and help each other along the path of healing.

With cardiac rehabilitation, we aim to help our patients:

  • Minimize the effects of heart disease
  • Reduce the risk of future health problems
  • Bring your heart back to good health

Our specialized program, which also benefits those with congestive heart failure, includes nutritional guidance, medication management, instructions and guidelines for activity, and education about the disease process. 

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