Heart & Lung Screening Stories

One scan can save a life

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your health, the more power you have to change your fate. A heart and lung scan at Hendricks Regional Health can help you change the direction of that path—and these patient stories prove it.

Read these inspiring personal and family stories, and take a step towards a healthier future. Whether it's for yourself or for a loved one, one scan can truly save a life.

Dee's Story

Dee's Story

Dee works for a local bank, where she loves to build relationships with members of the community. When she spotted one of her customers in a television commercial, she was touched by his heart scan story. She, too, had a family history of heart disease, and as a former smoker, she was concerned about her personal risk. READ HER STORY »

Bob's Story

Bob's Story

When he saw his friend John on television sharing his heart scan story, Bob's interest piqued. As a former smoker, he suspected he might be at risk for lung cancer. Though he did not have any symptoms, Bob's scan revealed a cancerous mass in his left lung. With the support of his wife and his healthcare team, he is lucky to be cancer-free. READ HIS STORY »

John and Zac's Story

John & Zac's Story

Family history doesn't have to repeat itself. In this case, a son spoke, a father listened—and a simple heart scan gift card changed their lives. Read how John and Zac motivated each other to make important life changes, take control of their heart health and rewrite their family history. One of the best things we can do is look out for the ones we love. READ THEIR STORY »

Gary’s Story

Gary's Story

Working for the Danville Fire Department, Gary lived his life to save the lives of others. Little did he know, his heart scan would be the best $49 he would ever spend. Gary's scan revealed extensive calcium buildup and he underwent bypass heart surgery. Because he made the decision to get a heart scan, he avoided a potential heart attack. READ HIS STORY »

Gert's Story

Gert's Story

Gert is a retired nurse. For the first time ever, she needed to be her own patient and work towards improving her health. After a heart scan revealed dangerous levels of plaque buildup, Gert realized that her actions now determined her fate for the future. Little did she know that her scan would not only change her lifestyle, but ultimately, save her life. READ HER STORY »

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