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Answers to Your Labor Questions

“I have a birth plan that I want to follow. Will my doctor respect my wishes?”
We encourage every new mom to discuss her birth plan with her OB-GYN. Knowing your expectations will help put you and your doctor on the same page long before your delivery. We respect the requests of mothers-to-be and will make every effort to follow your birth plan. Flexibility is important because things don’t always go exactly as planned. The health and safety of mother and baby always come first.

“Am I free to move around while I’m in labor?”
You are encouraged to move around while you are in labor as long as the baby is tolerating labor, you are not receiving medicines to advance labor (ie. Pitocin), and you have not had an epidural. Laboring moms cope with pain in different ways, some prefer the comfort of their bed, while others find a walk or a whirlpool bath soothing. Talk to your physician and nurses about your coping strategies and pain tolerance, as well as how long you plan to labor naturally.

“Can I have a doula at my side during labor?”
Some women request the presence of a doula (a specialized birth coach). The OB-GYNs at Hendricks Regional Health allow doulas to help with labor, as long as they do not interfere with medical interventions when needed. Many women who deliver with us find that they don’t actually need a separate doula because our nursing staff is trained to serve in that role. We have a one-to-one nurse-to-patient ratio for patients in active labor. Compassionate, individualized care is our specialty and we will provide you with as much support as you need during your labor.

"What are my options for natural labor and delivery techniques?"
Our doctors and nurses will support you in pursuit of a natural childbirth experience. If you choose this route for birth, relaxation is typically key to managing labor pains successfully. There are many techniques for relaxation. Many parents bring their own music and find that listening to their favorite tunes, combined with breathing techniques they learn in our free childbirth classes, help tremendously in relaxing the body. We also offer birthing chairs and birthing balls to help you find the most comfortable positions for laboring.

“Can my baby stay in my room?”
New moms at Hendricks Regional Health have the option of “rooming in” with their new baby. This allows them the opportunity to spend more time with their newborn, learning more about how to care for the baby before going home. Some moms do prefer to have their baby sleep in the nursery at night so they themselves can get a good night’s sleep, and that’s fine too. If your baby does require the care of our level two special care nursery, he/she will be monitored in the nursery by our nurses and on-site pediatric doctors.