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The therapists at Hendricks Regional Health are experts in how the body works and moves. In many cases, patients may need to receive care from multiple therapy services during his or her journey to recovery. Our expansive rehabilitation services team consists of physical, occupational and speech therapists all working together seamlessly to promote healing, relieve pain, restore motion and help patients achieve daily comfort, ease and independence.

Our therapists coordinate closely with our sports medicine specialists and orthopedic surgeons to help patients heal faster and regain movement and function after injury or surgery. They also provide care to patients with developmental delays or conditions such as arthritis, stroke, lymphedema and cancer, and throughout other areas of the hospital.


Why Hendricks?


Our talented rehabilitation team boasts the highest ratio of board-certified specialists in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.


Our patients see a therapist within a few days of initial contact or referral, based on availability. We act quickly to help keep acute pain from becoming chronic.


Our dedicated services have received national recognition from HealthStream® Research for excellence in patient satisfaction.

Continuum of Care

Our therapists collaborate with our sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons for seamless treatment every step of the way.


Our Locations

We offer rehabilitation services in Danville, Greencastle, Brownsburg, Plainfield, and the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA in Avon. Speak with our award-winning staff at a location closest to home:



(317) 745-3420 Our Danville Location
We have recently moved! Come to the EAST entrance/yellow parking lot. Our clinic is located immediately within this entrance .
1000 East Main Street
Danville, IN 46122


(317) 838-3434 Our Plainfield Location
Enter through the PT/OT entrance on the East end of the building. Follow the hallway down to Suite 1100 and enter Rehabilitation Services.
1100 Southfield Drive
Plainfield, IN 46168


(317) 272-4186 Our Avon YMCA Location
Use the main entrance of the YMCA, turn right and walk into the Medical Office Building. The clinic is straight ahead.
301 Satori Parkway
Avon, IN 46123


(317) 858-9400 Our Brownsburg Location
We are located on the Southwest side of the building. Enter through door 14 for easiest access to Rehabilitation Services.
5492 North Ronald Reagan Parkway, Suite 180
Brownsburg, IN 46112


(765) 848-1421 Our Greencastle Location
We are located on the South side of the road, in-between the Taco Bell and the bank. The clinic is across the street from HRH Physician Practice/Lab.
1140 Indianapolis Road
Greencastle, IN 46135

Our Core Services

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists help patients restore mobility, stability, strength and function after undergoing a physical injury, orthopedic surgery, disease or medical condition. Our team also helps active individuals, as well as student and professional athletes, increase agility and prevent injury in their sport or everyday activity. A doctor’s referral is not required to schedule an evaluation.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists help patients who are recuperating from a physical or mental illness, condition, injury or surgery to restore the performance of activities and tasks required for daily living. Their goal is to help patients improve their day-to-day movement, function, coordination and independence, and achieve maximal self-sufficiency in various environments.


Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy team provides adult and pediatric services for speaking, feeding, language and communication disorders. Our licensed and certified speech language pathologists help patients overcome difficulties with articulation, auditory processing, stuttering, slurred speech, swallowing, voice concerns, communication challenges associated with autism, Parkinson’s Disease and more.

Pediatric Therapy

Our pediatric therapy team offers a range of dedicated physical, occupational and speech therapy services to help children of all ages regain skills lost to an illness, surgery or injury, or improve functional and language development skills for children with cerebral palsy, autism, and other developmental delays. We work one-on-one with children and their families to help our youngest patients reach their fullest potential.


Specialized Services & Care

Aquatic Therapy

Because water exercise eases pressure on the body, water therapy is a good option for patients with arthritis, chronic pain and other conditions that may limit movement.

Custom Orthotics

Properly fitted orthotics can provide relief for heel or arch pain, an injury or sprain, bunions or plantar fasciitis. We offer OTC orthotics, custom heat-molded casting and more.


Pelvic Floor Disorders & Incontinence

Our team specializes in effective, non-invasive therapies that may help reduce abdominal pain, frequent urges to use the restroom, and back, pelvic and bladder pain.

Wound Care

To help prevent complications, speed healing and keep wounds from recurring, our therapists support a full continuum of integrated care through the Hendricks Regional Health Wound Healing Center.


Lymphedema Management

Our physical therapists are specially trained in lymphedema intervention to help patients live more comfortably, including massage, exercise, compression and more.

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Our therapists coordinate with our sports medicine specialists and orthopedic surgeons to heal faster and regain movement after an injury or surgery.


Helpful Resources

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Therapy FAQs

Whether you’re new to our therapy services, or you just need a refresher before your next visit, we’ve answered our most commonly asked questions to help make your experience seamless and comfortable.


Patient Stories

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Believe In Your Possibilities

From diagnosis to recovery, we believe in your possibilities. Get inspired by these student and professional athletes who relied on our teams to overcome injury, build agility and reach their full potential.


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