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John C's Story: A Continuum of Orthopedic Care

John C's Story:
A Continuum of Orthopedic Care

John of Avon has always enjoyed a full and active life, and his retirement years have been no different. He likes to keep moving, whether it's on the golf course or chasing after his five great-grandchildren that range in age from six months to seven years.

John C.

But a few years ago, severe shoulder pain nearly robbed him of the active lifestyle he so enjoys. For over 70 years, he had worked hard – first on his family's farm and then at Allison's Transmission in Indianapolis where he retired in 1992. He also is a lifelong sports enthusiast, and has always stayed busy playing softball, golf and bowling up to four nights a week. The way John tells it, he pretty much put his shoulders through the ringer. Eventually, it caught up to him.

Dr. Chad Waits

That's when John went to see Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Chad Waits of Hendricks Regional Health Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. He received shoulder injections, which got the pain under control and also helped him avoid surgery.

However, after a year, John knew it was time to take the next step. He and his wife, Dwan, felt that shoulder joint replacement was the best option. It wasn't just that it hurt to swing a golf club. It had gotten to the point where it hurt to do anything.

After surgery, John got back to the activities he loved, and he and Dwan even moved down to Florida to enjoy some much deserved, year-round sunshine. However, about a year and a half later, it became apparent that John would need his other shoulder joint replaced.

John wouldn't even consider anyone other than Dr. Waits doing his surgery.

So, the couple sold their house and moved back to Hendricks County. John knew that not only did he want Dr. Waits as his surgeon, he also wanted physical therapist Justin Becker at the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA to help him through recovery again.

John C.

The decision was the right one for John, and he couldn't be happier. Since moving back, the couple has welcomed more great-grandchildren, and thanks to two new shoulders, he has no problem keeping up with them.

John is a man that values the simple things in life, most especially, his family. He still carries a photo of his wife in his wallet, taken when she was just 17. The two of them have built an amazing life. Thanks to shoulder replacement at Hendricks Regional Health, he is out there enjoying every minute of it.

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