Financing Options for Orthopedic Surgery

Financing Options for Orthopedic Surgery

For many patients, orthopedic surgery is an important investment in an active, healthy life. At Hendricks Regional Health, we provide high-quality care at a lower price than many of our competitor hospitals. While surgery can be an expensive endeavor, we want to prevent financial barriers from getting in the way of your health and wellness goals.

Patient Financial Services

To ensure you get the care you need, Hendricks Regional Health offers interest-free, affordable payment plans to help you manage healthcare expenses. These options and payment terms include:

  • No interest
  • No finance charges
  • Two-year financing for hospital balances greater than $2,000
  • One-year financing for hospital balances less than $2,000 (minimum monthly payment of $100)

Affordable Payment Plans

It's hard to put a price on mobility and the improved quality of life you deserve. Let Hendricks Regional Health be your healthcare partner. Together, we can return you to the active lifestyle you want.

To learn more about estimated costs of care and payment plan options, contact a Hendricks Regional Health patient financial services representative at (317) 718-8877 or visit HENDRICKS.ORG/BILLPAY.

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