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Price List for Hospital Services

A patient may at any time ask a health care provider for an estimate of the price the health care providers and health facility will charge for providing non-emergency medical services. Indiana law requires this estimate to be provided within 5 business days. Patients may call our friendly personalized cost estimator line at (317) 745-3549. Or, you can access our online Personalized Cost Estimator tool to see if your insurance company is listed to provide an automated and immediate pricing estimate.

A complete list of all standard prices shown from the price list below are effective January 1, 2023. This list is in a machine-readable format to comply with federal price transparency requirements. This price list will be updated annually. While most pricing changes occur January 1st of each year, all prices are subject to changes as needed. In particular, pricing for services that require use of supplies and pharmaceuticals may change more frequently as these items are based on the cost of purchase. Costs for services can vary by patient’s level of care and services needed.

Rates are effective for all Hendricks Regional Health locations including but not limited to the following locations: Avon, Brownsburg, Danville, Plainfield, and Hendricks Regional Health YMCA. You may also call our Customer Service line at (317) 745-3534 for questions about financial assistance or other billing related concerns.

2023 Price List:
Click here to download the charge master list in XLSX format (machine-readable). File Updated: June 15, 2023

In addition, the Indiana Hospital Association provides a free website resource,, with information about pricing and quality for hospitals across the state, including Hendricks Regional Health.