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Larissa's Story

At 27, Larissa of Avon is positively glowing. She is expecting her first baby this spring and is feeling great. Just three short years ago, however, this vivacious French teacher and former ballerina was nearly homebound due to abdominal and back problems. She credits her physical therapist, Christy Wilson, with turning her life around.

In late 2011, newlywed Larissa was struggling with a poor quality of life because of chronic pain and a frequent urge to use the restroom. Unable to sleep and work, Larissa sought care at a pelvic pain clinic in Louisville, Kentucky–she drove to the clinic a few days per week for treatment. The continuous drive back and forth aggravated Larissa’s scoliosis and tailbone pain– that’s when she was referred to a physical therapist at Hendricks Regional Health. While getting to know her physical therapist, Christine Traub, Larissa talked about not only her back pain, but also her history of pelvic and bladder pain. Christine encouraged Larissa to talk to physical therapist, Christy Wilson, who has special certifications in women’s health.

Larissa agreed to transfer her care to Christy who, after a thorough conversation and physical examination, discovered Larissa was suffering from a pelvic floor disfunction that had previously gone undiagnosed. The condition left Larissa’s pelvic floor muscles in an almost constant state of contraction, to the point that those muscles had drawn her tailbone into her body at a 90-degree angle. Over the course of a few months, Christy worked with Larissa to teach her relaxation techniques that would allow her pelvic floor muscles to rest and her tailbone to drop back into its normal position.

“Christy was a real advocate for me,” says Larissa. “She was the first person to look at the whole picture, identify the root of the problems and explain to me how to work with my body.”

Larissa made a lot of progress and left physical therapy with the tools she needed to take control of her health. She was able to return to work and started a teaching position in August 2012, at Scecina Memorial High School. Larissa is once again able to share her love of language and teaching and manages her condition well despite the long hours on her feet.

In May 2014, Larissa did have a slight setback–while dealing with some overwhelming stress she suffered a recurrence of her abdominal issues. Thanks to Indiana’s direct access law, Larissa was able to call the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA physical therapy department directly and make an appointment. This time she worked with therapist, Shandli Joyce, to relearn and reinforce the techniques Christy had taught her.

Grateful to have her life back, Larissa is looking forward to her next chapter: motherhood. The bond that developed between Larissa and Christy during therapy continues to this day. Larissa believes that no matter how they met, the two would have developed a friendship. They even currently share the common tie of pregnancy–Christy is due eight weeks before Larissa. Could there be something magical in the physical therapy department’s water? We’ll never know for sure, but maybe.

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