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Rochelle's Story

Rochelle lives her life like a lot of Baby Boomers want to live theirs. At 55, she is fit and physically active thanks to yoga, biking, pilates and walking. This beautiful, bubbly grandmother of nine could easily be mistaken for someone 20 years younger. Rochelle and her husband, Bob, definitely live life to the fullest. And, as she states in her delightful southern accent, “I’m not ready to be old and in pain.”

Rochelle believes strongly in alternative treatments. By trade, she is a massage therapist who helps others manage their pain and stress. When she experiences pain herself, she calls her physical therapist, Cindy Myers, at Hendricks Regional Health in Plainfield.

After a surgery ten years ago, Rochelle was referred to Cindy for a painful nerve compression that resulted from her surgical procedure. As someone with a good understanding of nerve pain in the body, Rochelle listened to Cindy and was able to learn even more about the peripheral nervous system. Cindy taught Rochelle some special exercises, called nerve glides, to help elongate the affected nerves and relieve pain. Over the years, Rochelle had a few other minor aches and pains that required physical therapy. Her doctor was great about referring her to Cindy for treatment as needed.

In July 2013, Indiana made access to physical therapy easier by passing the direct access law. This move came in time for Rochelle’s next need for physical therapy. In December 2014, Rochelle was sledding with some of her grandchildren and hurt her hip. With nerve pain radiating down her leg, Rochelle knew she needed Cindy’s help again – she also knew this time she could call her directly to make an appointment. After 12 visits, some deep trigger point releases and more nerve glides, Rochelle was able to get back to the activities she loves–the activities that keep her feeling young. “I believe that pain is a signal but suffering is optional,” says Rochelle. “Physical therapy has always helped me get to the bottom of a problem. I don’t want to take an invasive approach to treatment if I don’t have to.”

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