Joint Replacement Surgery & Care


Hendricks Regional Health is one of the most sought after destinations for joint procedures and care. Thanks to the expertise and progressive approach of our surgical team, the number of procedures performed here is growing rapidly, and patients are seeking us out from a broad geographic area.

We are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality care that begins before surgery and extends through recovery. This care is delivered by an incredible team that ensures patients are partners in the process, with a full understanding of every step along the way. Our goal is to minimize pain, restore mobility and get you back to the activities you love.

Why Hendricks?

Believe in Inspiring Greatness

Our team is highly skilled in diagnosing and treating hip, knee and shoulder joint pain—and ensures your continued care is comfortable and effective. We offer award-winning patient care and joint replacement services, including:

  • A streamlined electronic medical record system, delivering information fast and hassle-free
  • Highly coordinated physical therapists, nurses and surgeons
  • Physical therapy, localized pain treatments, minor surgery for repairs and joint replacement services
  • Continued contact and support during the entire recovery process
  • Low-cost, high-quality care as validated by, a free online resource by the Indiana Hospital Association

Joint Replacement Procedures


Experience reduced pain and increased mobility with doctors Waits and Ritter's reverse total shoulder replacement. The reverse total shoulder replacement relies on undamaged muscles to position and power the arm for restored motion. See how we can help relieve your shoulder pain.


Spend less time in the operating room, less time under anesthesia and less time recovering with a knee replacement performed by one of our outstanding knee surgeons, Drs. Chad Waits and Kyle Ritter. If severe knee pain and reduced mobility are affecting your daily life, this may be the solution for you.



Recover up to 50 percent faster with a direct anterior hip replacement performed by Dr. Brad Prather. One of the few orthopedic physicians in Central Indiana that performs this technique, this approach can offer patients the possibility of less pain, less trauma and drastically reduced recovery time. Learn more about this revolutionary surgery and how it can improve your mobility.

Post-Replacement Support

Physical Therapy

To relieve joint pain, and/or after a joint replacement procedure, physical therapy is typically needed for full recovery. Our physical therapists specialize in helping patients recover from joint injuries or surgery as quickly as possible. Our physical therapists will tailor an individual treatment program for your needs, using a range of treatments to help you restore mobility, stability, strength and function.

Sports Medicine

You don't need to be an athlete to benefit from sports medicine care. Anyone that is experiencing joint pain, soreness, loss of motion or weakness is a candidate for treatment by a sports medicine physician. We can diagnose, manage, rehabilitate and prevent injuries and disease of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves that allow one to move, work and be active. Whether you play golf, tennis or are training for your next marathon, our sports medicine physicians can offer specialized mobility to help you get back in the game.

The Hendricks Patient Experience

High-Quality Care

Our board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons lead an orthopedic team that is setting new marks for quality standards, including low infection rates, reduced lengths of stay, and lower occurrence of falls.

Unmatched Patient Satisfaction

Time after time, surveyed patients place Hendricks at the top of the list when it comes to patient satisfaction, thanks to innovative approaches to patient preparation, pain management, patient navigation and other aspects of the patient experience.


Low Cost Provider

Hendricks Regional Health delivers higher quality health care services more efficiently, and with better outcomes.

Patient Success Stories

From John, a Brownsburg rancher, to Marilyn, a motorcycle enthusiast, we're proud to have helped our patients regain a pain-free, active lifestyle. Read their stories for a closer look at how Hendricks can help get you moving again.


Interest-free payment plans and financing available

For many patients, orthopedic surgery is an important investment in an active, healthy life. At Hendricks Regional Health, we want to prevent financial barriers from getting in the way of your health and wellness goals.

We offer interest-free, affordable payment plans and financing to help our patients afford the care they need. These options and payment terms include:

  • No interest or finance charges
  • Ability to pay hospital balances greater than $2,000 over a two-year period (balances less than $2,000 may be paid over a one-year period with a minimum monthly payment of $100)

To learn more about estimated costs of care, financing and payment plan options, contact a patient financial services representative at (317) 718-8877 or visit

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