Providers in the Community


We’re fortunate to work with many amazing providers who donate their time and effort to make a huge positive difference in our community. This includes helping out with critical services for children, families who are homeless, people who are uninsured and many others. These providers are going above and beyond to help make Hendricks County a brighter, healthier place to live — and we couldn’t be happier they’re part of the Hendricks Regional Health team.   

Angi Thompson and the Diabetes Youth Foundation

Angi isn’t just a nurse practitioner at Hendricks — she’s also the volunteer medical director for the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana. It’s a position that helps Angi connect diabetic kids with others who share the condition, and a way to help them get the resources they need to live healthy, active lives.   

Dr. Kevin Hartzell's Commitment to Hope Healthcare Services

There are about 15,000 people throughout Hendricks County without health insurance. Hope Healthcare Services is an organization that helps these people get access to care, and Dr. Kevin Hartzell from Hendricks is a dedicated volunteer they can always count on. 

Dr. Beth Summers Trains Paramedics on Neonatal Resuscitation

Knowing how to resuscitate a newborn baby is a vital life-saving skill. Dr. Beth Summers, a pediatric hospitalist at Hendricks, dedicates much of her time volunteering to training firefighters and paramedics on how to resuscitate infants. It’s a job that will no doubt help save the lives of children throughout Hendricks County for years to come.  

Dr. Gordon Reed and his wife Michelle’s Dedicated Support for Umri Christian Hospital

Back in the 1950s, Umri Christian Hospital was established in a remote part of India to help meet a rapidly growing need for healthcare services in the area. Today, the hospital serves roughly six million people, and Dr. Reed and his wife, Michelle, support their mission by donating their time and helping the facility get access to critical resources.  

Dr. David Stopperich is Leading the Way in Improving Our County’s Health

As the Hendricks County Health Officer, Dr. David Stopperich is taking great strides toward making our entire community healthier. Whether it’s promoting wellness initiatives, working on disaster preparedness planning or adding sidewalks to make our streets safer, he’s improving the lives of thousands of people in Hendricks County, and his commitment to this community inspires us every day.