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Health Equity and Fall Risk

Hendricks Regional Health has a patient-centric fall prevention program that provides all patients with the individual support they need to ambulate safely. To provide equitable fall prevention, three tools are utilized when assessing fall risk:
  1. Individualized Fall Risk Assessment Tool (Adult, Pediatric, Obstetrics) assists in determining if a patient is at risk for falling during their hospital admission and identifies the need for bed alarm utilization.
  2. Safe Patient Mobilization Protocol is utilized to determine the safest method to assist the patient during ambulation and repositioning in bed.
  3. Individualized Safety Tool promotes in-room interdisciplinary communication, sharing safe ambulation information about the patient.
In addition to assessing fall risk, many ambulation assistive devices are available for all populations encouraging safe mobilization:
  • Slide sheets (universal)
  • Gait belts (standard/bariatric)
  • Lifts with slings (standard/bariatric)
  • Turn and reposition systems (standard/bariatric)
  • Wheelchairs (standard/bariatric)
  • Walkers (standard/bariatric)
  • Canes
Clinical associates conduct a mobility challenge with each ambulation to assess mobilization readiness and progression/regression. Adjustments to fall prevention interventions are made if needed.