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Medical Services at the YMCA

We offer a variety of medical services at the YMCA campus, provided with the same Treat People Better philosophy our patients have come to expect. An added benefit is our Child Watch center, available for parents while they are at medical appointments.

Physician Offices at the YMCA

Avon Family Health and Hendricks Orthopedics & Sports Medicine are open to patients looking for the convenience of their unique location at the YMCA. Both offer board-certified doctors that are part of our Medical Group.

Medical Services at the YMCA

Below is a listing of the variety of medical services available in the YMCA's convenient setting.

YMCA Medical Services
  • Accredited Laboratory and Radiology Services - quality assurance and safety guidelines ensure reliability and fast results.
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy - Staff create individualized treatment plans to maximize functionality and promote well-being.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation - people with a medical history of heart problems or diagnosed coronary artery disease can benefit from a clinically managed rehabilitation program that includes exercise, conditioning and education.
  • Clinical Health Management - get help managing your health needs with a partner. This intensive one-on-one coaching reduces risks from diagnosed chronic disease by providing support for better nutrition, fitness and stress management.
  • Diabetes Services - a diabetes support group with certified diabetes educators leading discussions and answering questions is a useful resource for those with this chronic condition.
  • Nutrition Services - Registered dietitians provide individual and group education, assessment, training and counseling.
  • Health Classes and Programs - Our health experts lead a variety of classes at the YMCA campus. For example, those wanting to learn about nutrition and healthy lifestyles can register for classes such as "Nutrition on a Budget" or "Virtual Tour of the Grocery Store".
  • Hendricks Podiatry - Our expert team treats a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, and we’re ready to help no matter what your issue.

To register for specific medical programs or services, call (317) 745-DOCS (3627).

To make an appointment at Avon Family Health, call (317) 271-6363. To make an appointment at Hendricks Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, call (317) 718-GAME (4263).

We also offer the Lifesteps Weight Management program, designed to help change behaviors that prevent weight loss. For a full list of offerings, view our online calendar.

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