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Welcome to the Hendricks Regional Health self-care page brought to you by the Hendricks Regional Health Wellness Team. Our goal is to provide easy access to a wide variety of updated, usable and comprehensive information on self-care in order to help you achieve and maintain your highest level of health and function possible.

Work-Life Balance & Boundary Rituals
When Working From Home

“When you’re working from home, you’ve got no commute-which means no time or physical barriers between work and your family on a daily basis”
~Emily Hackeling

​Have you struggled to find a healthy balance between your work and home life? If you, like many people, have been working from home or doing a combination of working on site and working from home, setting healthy boundaries can be a challenge. Here are some practical tips for keeping your personal life healthy while working from home.

Set Habits that Support Balance and Health
  • Buy a good task chair (non-executive office chair): many people working from home are sitting on their couch, dining room chair, or other seating not designed or intended for day-long use. Good task chairs have a quality of foam and other components that allow your body to sit longer in the chair as a result of proper posture and less tissue irritation. Make sure to buy one rated for continuous use.
  • Create a dedicated work space if possible. If a dedicated space is not an option, choose a location where your work can be covered or put out of sight when your work is done.
  • Set work boundaries for the day such as deciding ahead of time what to accomplish and when. This will make it less likely that work will bleed over into personal time without you being aware of it.
  • Do "me time" habits prior to beginning work which can include exercise, enjoying a slow cup of coffee and making breakfast.
  • Limit the amount of news and social media you listen to or watch-“There’s a threshold where it’s not helpful to have more information” ~Alice Katter (click here for full article on How to Create Healthy Work-From-Home Routines by By Tina Essmaker).
"Going" to Work Boundaries
  • Create a "leaving for work" routine similar to your prior commute. If you picked up coffee, create a ritual around making and enjoying your coffee. If your used your commute to listen to music that helped you begin your day, do that in preparation for work at home. If you used your walk in from the parking lot as part of your exercise for the day, take a walk around your neighborhood arriving back to your house ready to begin work.
  • Set your agenda for the day and week right as you begin your day. Clarifying your priorities will help you attend to important tasks even if they are not urgent. Setting your agenda will also allow you to stop working when your tasks for the day are complete without continuing to check email and texts into your evening after work.
  • Create work routines that mimic your prior routines in the office. Buy a special lamp for your work space, and when you are ready to start work, turn it on. Get coffee, organize your workspace and turn your computer on.
  • Block off time throughout the day allowing for breaks is important and decreases physical stress and tension. Productivity entails cycling through focused time, and down time--no one can stay fully focused all day. Giving your brain down time such as fixing and eating lunch NOT while on the computer rests our eyes and mind, readying them for focusing when you return to your task.

"Leaving" Work Boundaries
  • Use a ritual statement when ending work time such as "shutdown complete", "mischief managed", "I set my duties down"
  • Make a "mental commute" by intentionally closing your computer, docking your phone in another room, and walking out of the space where you were working.
  • Take a walk or bike ride around the block as a transition from work to home.
  • Light a candle or play some music in your non-work space.
  • Remove work-related cues from your environment. This is particularly important if you are working in your personal living space. You might put a sheet over your work space, change the desktop image on your computer to a personal image, pause email and shut off notifications and the like.

Setting boundaries while working at home allows you to be productive while avoiding resentment that easily sets in when work bleeds over into personal time. If you recognize that resentment is present, take a close look at your work-life boundaries, and put in place any other boundaries you need for a healthy work at home life. 

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