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Welcome to the Hendricks Regional Health self-care page brought to you by the Hendricks Regional Health Lifestyle Medicine Team. Our goal is to provide easy access to a wide variety of updated, usable and comprehensive information on self-care in order to help you achieve and maintain your highest level of health and function possible.

​Try Gratitude!

Dr. Cindy Myers, PT, DHSc, Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Have you heard the news about gratitude? The evidence is growing-gratitude, when practiced consistently, has huge benefits. Below you will find a list of the benefits and methods of gratitude, and links to click if you would like to participate in a gratitude challenge. This challenge is just for you: to be done at your own pace, that doesn't involve competition, where the prize is peace and happiness.

In preparation you might want to get a gratitude journal or app to keep track of your thoughts and mindset along the way.

Before you begin the challenge below, click here to take a short stress test and choose Get Your Stress Score.

Benefits and methods of gratitude:

1. Grateful people on average give 20% more than others. Click here to find ways to join the givers of our community!

2. Grateful people have stronger connections to their communities. Click here to find ways to connect around what is important to you.

3. Grateful people are less stressed and have blood pressure that is lower by 12%. Click here to learn about "forest bathing" for gratitude and stress reduction.

4. Grateful people have on average 7% higher income than those with negative moods. Click here to explore contagious moods.

5. Grateful people have more satisfying relationships and are better liked than people who are moody. Click to explore gratitude in relationships.

6. Grateful people are 20% more likely to get A grades. Click here to learn how gratitude can improve performance.

7. Grateful people have more opportunities for ongoing relationships. Click to learn how you can use gratitude in your favor.

8. Grateful people have increased empathy. Click here to explore a practical way to grow kindness in your life.

9. Grateful people are better able to cope with trauma-recognizing all you have to be thankful for will help cope even in the worst of times. Click here to learn more about ways to cope with difficult situations.

10. Grateful people are more content with what they have. Click to explore using gratitude to decrease your relentless need to have more.

11. Grateful people sleep better. Click to learn some ways to use gratitude to help your sleep.

12. Grateful people have lower levels or inflammation. Click to explore using gratitude to feel better.

13. Gratitude helps us disconnect from negativity. Click to learn ways, including gratitude, to decrease negativity in your life.

14. Gratitude improves health, including heart health. Click here to explore what you can do to achieve these same benefits.

15. Grateful people have more energy than others. Click here to find out how to achieve that for yourself.

16. Grateful people more often remember the past through a positive lens. Click here to explore asset-based thinking.

17. Grateful people struggle less with pain. Click here to use gratitude for decreasing pain.

18. Grateful people find beauty even when the day is gray. Click here for tips to see beauty wherever you are.

19. Grateful people are able to appreciate themselves and their abilities in a healthy way. Click here to practice a way to appreciate YOUR good ideas.

20. Grateful people are more willing to try and fail and aren't as concerned with what others think about them. Click here to learn to have gratitude EVEN FOR FAILURE!

21. Grateful people can stop and breath no matter what is happening because they know that difficult times come.....and they go. Click to try a breathing meditation provided by the Calm App.

22. Has your life been changed because of your concentrated efforts to be grateful? Click here for ways to look back over your year of gratitude!

23. Did you know that doing one new thing every day has marvelous benefits? Click to explore this.

24. CONGRATULATIONS! You worked on gratitude this ENTIRE YEAR! Click here to celebrate your efforts!

If you would like a gratitude bookmark to remind you to continue this habit, please call (number below), or email Lifestyle Medicine Coach Nick Galley at

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Self-Care Tools For Calm

Link to Needs Inventory
Link to Values List
Values to Verbs Worksheet

Self Compassion Breaks (*This teaching and/or practices are taken directly from and adapted from A Course in Mindful Living created by Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D)