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Welcome to the Hendricks Regional Health self-care page brought to you by the Hendricks Regional Health Wellness Team. Our goal is to provide easy access to a wide variety of updated, usable and comprehensive information on self-care in order to help you achieve and maintain your highest level of health and function possible.
Check back frequently, you will have access to current self-care help available from our expert associates on a wide variety of topics, including staying healthy despite COVID-19.


Staying Connected in the Age of COVID-19

“When you are feeling overwhelmed, look for a way to do something for someone else that goes beyond your daily responsibilities. Your brain might tell you that you don’t have the time or energy, but that is exactly why you should do it. You can also make this a daily practice-set a goal of finding an opportunity to support someone else. By doing so, you prime your body and brain to take positive action and to experience courage, hope, and connection.”

~Dr. Kelly McGonigal, The Upside of Stress

These days everyone is looking for a new normal. Life has changed dramatically because of COVID-19, and part of this change is how we socialize and connect with others. Take some time to consider what you are missing from in-person connections compared to our new social distancing. Which events and activities are you missing the most? What emotional and personal connections do you need the most? Jotting some ideas down may help you sort through these thoughts. Know your needs will change over time, just as COVID restrictions will change, so don’t feel permanently attached to what you decide to prioritize now. Below are just a few creative and traditional ways to stay connected with others.

  • Make a Phone Call

For some reason in our age of multiple methods of social connection, we are slow to actually pick up the phone and call. While texting is a good tool for quick communication, nothing beats actual conversation. Phone call screening makes it likely that you will first need to leave a message before you actually talk, so make sure you do! I don’t return calls from unknown callers who don’t leave a message. If you’re reconnecting with friends you haven’t seen in a while, caller ID might not identify you.

  • Set up Virtual Meetings

Many of you have already found that you can use meeting platforms to start, or continue, groups such as a book club or church group. Many of the groups you were connected with pre-COVID can meet online with a little work and planning. If you are older or need help with technology, your (or your friends') children or grandchildren can help you connect

  • Play Games

Play a computer or board game with a friend. Multiple game apps and platforms allow you to play alone or with others. There are many options for remote gaming with friends and family-here are a few ideas:

    • Computer games using Steam: one family favorite is to pick a multiplayer game that everyone can access via Steam and coordinate a time to all play as a team together. Use Steam’s live chat option or you can download Discord in order to talk to each other in real time while you play
    • Phone Apps: Using games like Words with Friends, Rummikub, or even Goodreads to have casual competition or to catch up with friends and family, or make new friends around the globe
    • Gaming Consoles: Most gaming consoles have options so you can join each other online, such as Nintendo Play or XBox Live
    • Virtual Board Games: Use your new and improved Zoom skills to host a board games night with friends or family—take pictures of the play information that everyone needs or make sure everyone has their own gaming set with them. This format works well for games like Dungeons and Dragons, or you can download an app like Tabletop Simulator to represent the pieces and boards
  • Go Virtual with Exercise and Competition

Are you missing your exercise buddies and the comradery of competition?

  • Plan a Movie Night

Have a movie night via the Netflix Party extension of Chrome. My daughter and her best friend were able to virtually watch a movie together while eating popcorn each in their own location (in this case, Indiana and New Hampshire). As long as all members of the party have Chrome and the host has Netflix, friends can watch a movie together. The extension has a chat box for everyone in the “party” to comment while watching. Be aware that a good high speed internet connection is required

  • Enjoy Online Arts and Events

Access online concerts, art events, church services and other events online. An example is the Seattle Symphony has launched a brand-new subscription-based streaming service for their 2020–2021 season. If your local theatres and music venues are not yet back in operation, you can access other venues online through a little creative searching. Eric Whitacre, well-known American composer, has been at work, even before COVID 19, creating online and worldwide amazing virtual choirs-follow him on Youtube. is a way to track virtual performances happening

  • Use Your Creativity
Do you enjoy creating? Whether you enjoy woodworking, needlework, or fine arts, there is a group for you either online or on social media. Just begin searching to find other folks who enjoy what you do. Craftsy is just one option that provides support via classes and social interaction around multiple types of crafts

  • Write old-fashioned letters
Did you know that being generous with your time and resources even when under stress brings you multiple health benefits? Volunteering your time via letter writing benefits both the recipient and you. The recent passing of my mother, and the support my family received from a host of friends and family brought home the importance of sending actual cards, notes, and letters to those we care about. Beyond your own circle of family and friends are many others who can benefit from the social connection of letter writing: 
    • The nonprofit Letters Against Depression gives people an opportunity to write hand-written letters of support to people suffering from depression
    • A like organization, Letters Against Isolation, assists volunteers to connect via letter-writing with isolated seniors
    • Connecting with an old-fashioned pen pal is still possible. You can check out Martha Stewart’s article on ways make this happen
    • Finally, Support Our Troops is a charity that provides a way to support our armed forces around the world with letters and care packages

Staying connected during these times of rapid change will give you the resilience you need to not just survive but thrive! Please contact the Hendricks Regional Health Wellness Team if you have any questions about self-care at (317) 718-8160.

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