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Believe in Your Possibilities: Karin Goes the Distance

"If you put your heart and mind to it, you can do it. In this, I am a believer."

Spoken by Karin of Brownsburg, these words are both poignant and heartfelt. However, in light of what this triathlete has accomplished, they also are nothing short of inspirational.

Always athletic and active in sports, this outdoors enthusiast completed her first IRONMAN® event in 2001. Since that time Karin has completed numerous triathlons, as well as countless other races and competitions. She now has her sights set on climbing a mountain on every continent. Her latest climb was in Norway.

Karin's zest for staying fit and healthy is a passion she also shares with her husband, Bill, and their three grown children, Tyler, Erika, and Justin. The family loves finding opportunities to spend time together hiking, water skiing and biking.

Her journey hasn't been without its share of challenges. In her mid 40s, Karin began having aches and pains that threatened to slow her down – something she wasn't willing to let happen. She found relief with physical therapy, and later, steroid injections, but the pain resurfaced.

With her hip pain interfering more and more with her active lifestyle, Karin began researching her options for a joint replacement. She discovered orthopedic webinars at, and was intrigued as Dr. Prather explained the anterior approach that he uses and some of the benefits, Karin scheduled an appointment with him and went armed with questions.

"Dr. Prather and his team were extremely responsive to all of my questions," Karin said. "The week before my surgery, I called the office with even more questions, which they answered and even offered to have me talk with Dr. Prather to make sure I had all of the information that I needed. Although I was still a little nervous going into the surgery, they had answered all of my questions and I knew I had a great team working for me."

Karin's recovery after her March 29, 2016 hip replacement was everything she had hoped for. "It was amazing. I walked that day, and began physical therapy the very next day. I was beginning to do core exercises and use the stationary bike for short periods just one week out from surgery."

Three months and three days after her surgery, Karin competed in an Aquabike race in Buffalo, NY. This event has become an annual family event, and her two sons and brother joined her for the race in 2016. Karin placed third female overall in the race. More importantly, she was able to enjoy the competition with her family.

In August 2017, Karin accomplished her life goal of qualifying for the World Triathlon Championships—just 16 months after her hip replacement. "I continue to brag about Dr. Prather, Ryan and the staff at Hendricks Regional Health. I am SO thankful for the treatment I received, and continue to receive, to get stronger and do more and more things. People are shocked when they find out that I had a total hip replacement when they see me doing what I do. I am at the peak of my triathlon training."

These days, Karin is busier than ever. As an Eli Lilly Company retiree, she still enjoys professional consulting work, as well as volunteering for a few global missionary organizations. Her strong spiritual foundation is what ignites her passion for giving back, and also shapes her outlook on life. "I am so incredibly blessed to have a healthy body," she said. Whether it's signing up for a new athletic competition, climbing yet another mountain peak, or traveling for her mission work, Karin intends to honor that blessing by embracing whatever life offers.

At Hendricks Regional Health, we believe in possibilities. No matter your goals, we are here to help you achieve them. Whether you want to get back to your sport, or simply back to life, our orthopedics and sports medicine team will create a custom treatment plan just for you. Injuries don't have to be obstacles. We have the experience and expertise to help you turn them into opportunities.

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