Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - Hendricks Regional Health Unveils New Safety Huddles
Hospitals all over the United States are spending the week recognizing Patient Safety Awareness Week. Hendricks Regional Health did more than simply acknowledge the week, the organization implemented a new method that will take their safety efforts even further. Kevin Speer, President and CEO, started Monday morning by introducing the use of a safety huddle, which will help the entire staff concentrate on providing safe care every day.

Speer says, “The huddles serve as a way to bring together staff members from all over the organization in a blameless environment that promotes transparency. This team approach gives us a chance to concentrate on error prevention, patient safety and the patient experience. We also take time to celebrate accomplishments and significant improvements that we have made for our patients.”

The idea of using a safety huddle has its roots in the concept of High Reliability Organizations (HROs). HROs are organizations that operate in complex and hazardous conditions and yet consistently achieve nearly error-free performance. Creating a culture and processes that radically reduce system failures and effectively respond when failures do occur is the goal of high reliability thinking.

Safety huddles at Hendricks Regional Health will cover noteworthy events from the previous 24 hours, along with anticipated activities for the upcoming day. The huddles will support, promote and enhance the hospital’s safety programs. “My hope is that our safety huddles will help focus organization-wide efforts and ensure that we are all working toward the common goal of providing the safest possible environment for our patients and visitors,” says Speer.