Event Details

  • title
  • 4th Trimester & Car Seat Class
  • date
  • Monday, 6/26/2023
  • time
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • address
  • Hendricks Regional Health Danville
    1000 East Main Street,
    Danville, IN 46122
    Maps & Directions
  • fee
  • $20.00

Combo class including 4th Trimester & Car Seat Classes for a reduced fee. Car Seat Safety Class Taught by a Certified Car Seat Technician and covers the basics of car seat safety: parts of a car seat and how they are used, appropriate ages and stages for different car seats, installing a car seat correctly, safe car seat products, the latch system and hands on demonstration and practice. Anyone that uses any stage of car seat is welcome to take this class, as all car seat age-groups will be addressed. 4th Trimester Class This class covers the 12 weeks following delivery. Topics focus on what to expect in the 6 week+ postpartum period, and how to care for yourself and your baby. This includes: feeding, diapering, safe sleep, nutrition, exercise, self care. It will include sharing of information, video and hands on experience.

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