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Fall Prevention

What Are We Measuring?

Patient falls occurring during hospitalization can result in serious and even potentially life-threatening consequences for many patients. Registered Nurses are responsible for identifying patients who are at risk for falls and for developing a plan of care to minimize the risk. Falls and falls with injury are a nurse sensitive indicator and demonstrate the high-quality care that is provided at Hendricks Regional Health (HRH).

At HRH, we report the percentage of patients who fall and sustain a hip fracture while in the hospital (per 1000 discharges). This data is compared to the rate of falls with hip fracture of similar organizations and allows for opportunities for improvement to be identified. The lower score is better.

How Are We Performing?

The graph below reflects data publicly released in January 2023 for a selected period of time. Learn more by visiting Care Compare.

What Are We Doing to Improve?

HRH has an interprofessional Falls Taskforce team that has a specific focus to reduce falls. This team leads fall prevention initiatives, involves clinical nurses in fall reduction strategies, as well as engages patients in their care by focusing on their individual mobility goals and quality of life.

Fall prevention strategies include:

  • Patient mobilization training for associates

  • Following universal fall prevention measures

  • Morse Fall Risk Scale (if ≥ 50 fall prevention measures will be initiated)

    • Bed alarm
    • Chair alarm
    • Gait belt
    • Yellow light outside of patient room
    • iBed feature
    • Call light
    • Assistive device (if applicable)
  • Ceiling lifts and lift transport devices

  • Slide sheets

  • Grab bars

  • Inpatient Hourly Rounding 

HRH conducts regular audits to ensure all fall prevention measures are in place in identified high fall risk patients.

Learn More

We encourage patients and family members to use many of the different resources available to compare and choose a hospital or healthcare provider. Examples include Care Compare and Leapfrog Ratings as well as talking with your doctor.