The neurodiagnostic services offered at Hendricks Regional Health assist physicians in diagnosing and treating neurological disorders and diseases.

Neurologists are medical specialists that focus on diagnosing and treating disorders of the nervous system. Some of the common conditions they treat include headaches or migraines, stroke, dementia, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease. They help manage chronic pain, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and sleep disorders.

Your physician may order an electroencephalogram (EEG) to record electrical activity of the brain, a brainstem auditory evoked response (BAER) study to evaluate how the brainstem responds to specific sounds, or other tests. Other common tests ordered are a transcranial doppler (TCD), electronystagmograms (ENG) and 24-hour ambulatory electrocardiogram.

Your primary care or family doctor may refer you to a neurologist for evaluation if you are experiencing symptoms such as memory loss, tingling or weakness in your arms or legs, frequent headaches that do not respond to recommended treatments, and other concerns.

Neurologists in the Hendricks Regional Health Medical Group
Hendricks Regional Health Medical Group includes neurologists who can work with your primary doctor to help you manage your health.

Hendricks Neurology is located on our Danville Campus and includes Dr. Joseph Herr, Dr. Jesse Li and Lois Talley, certified physician assistant. Call (317) 718-4730 for more information.

Avon Neurology is located in on our Avon Campus and includes Dr. Scott Cline and Dr. Melissa DeRosa. Call (317) 272-3662 for more information.

Hendricks Regional Health includes a multi-specialty hospital in Danville, Indiana with services in neurodiagnostic testing and treatment of neurological disorders and diseases.

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