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The COVID-19 vaccines are our best hope for controlling the spread of coronavirus and safely resuming the activities we love.

Find the latest information on vaccine availability and safety, answers to FAQs and information on how you can get vaccinated.

What You Need to Know About Covid Vaccine

What You Need to Know

There are currently three FDA-approved vaccines for COVID. They are safe, thoroughly tested and approved for the public. They are being rolled out by each state according to exposure risk and priority populations, based on the latest guidance from the CDC.

COVID Vaccine FAQs

Have questions about COVID vaccines? Get answers here.

Recently, we received uplifting news in the fight against COVID. Three effective vaccines aimed at ending the pandemic are FDA-approved. These new vaccines are a promising development in our fight against coronavirus, and we want to make sure you have all the latest and greatest information about them.

How to Get Your Vaccination

In Indiana, individuals aged 12 and older are able to receive the vaccine (Individuals aged 12-17 must receive the Pfizer vaccine).

The current eligibility requirements may vary; please click below to check eligibility requirements.



Call 2-1-1; hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, including weekends 

When scheduling online, Hoosiers can enter their zip code to see a map of vaccination clinics and available appointments at those sites.


  • • A family member can make the appointment on behalf of a senior
  • • Vaccinations are free
  • • Vaccine recipient must bring photo ID to appointment
  • • Appointment to receive second dose will be made at the clinic when the first dose is given

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