Coronavirus Updates

We Are Here to Safely Care For You, Now and Always

Our team remains vigilant in the fight against the COVID-19 virus, and we’re confident our unprecedented safety measures make all of our facilities extraordinarily safe places to visit and receive care. We are making significant progress in the fight against COVID – and with vaccines now becoming available for many people, we’re here to help you learn more about how and when to get yours.

Here at Hendricks, we are continuing to mask up and socially distance. We can see brighter days ahead, but until then, let’s all stay safe.

Our Safety Plan

To help keep you and your family healthy, we’re taking extensive safety precautions at all of our facilities. As the situation evolves, these measures may change, so be sure to visit our Safety Plan page to get all the latest information about visitor guidelines, masks, social distancing, sanitation practices and more.

What You Need to Know About the COVID Vaccine

Hendricks Regional Health is working closely with state and local health officials to vaccinate eligible individuals in our community. Be sure to check out our COVID vaccine page for more information about vaccine eligibility, ways to schedule and answers to frequently asked questions.

COVID Testing FAQs

Any Indiana resident age 2 and older can be tested for COVID in our state, regardless of their symptoms. State operated sites test both symptomatic and asymptomatic people and do not charge for testing. Visit to see where testing sites are located throughout the state.

If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, please contact your doctor’s office or one of our three Immediate Care Centers. COVID tests at Hendricks Regional Health facilities are ONLY performed with a provider’s order. COVID symptoms include coughing, fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, or muscle aches developed within the past 14 days.

For questions about free COVID testing available through the state of Indiana, please contact the Hendricks County Health Department at (317) 745-9368 or visit the Indiana State Department of Health’s website at to register.

If you are not experiencing any COVID symptoms, but would like to be tested, you can visit one of the State’s COVID testing sites. As part of this program, Hendricks Regional Health and the Hendricks County Health Department have collaborated to add two testing sites within Hendricks County. For more information, call (317) 745-9368 or visit to find the closest site and register online.

If you are experiencing COVID symptoms, we encourage you to contact your provider’s office. Your doctor may refer you to be tested at an HRH facility. COVID tests at Hendricks Regional Health facilities are ONLY performed with a provider’s order.

We are currently testing patients experiencing COVID symptoms in designated Hendricks Regional Health facilities including our Immediate Care Centers. In addition, we are testing patients before they have a procedure or surgery at Hendricks Regional Health.

If you are interested in testing that is open to the general public, regardless of symptoms, contact the Hendricks County Health Department at (317) 745-9368 to learn more about free COVID testing available through the state of Indiana or visit to register for a site nearest you.

We currently offer APPOINTMENT-ONLY drive-thru COVID testing for patients referred by their Hendricks Regional Health provider.

The Indiana State Department of Health has established free drive-thru COVID testing at sites across the state. This testing is open to the general public, regardless of symptoms. For more information, visit to see where testing sites are located throughout the state.

COVID-19 Lab Test Information

These handouts contain information for our patients who have been recommended by their primary care provider to undergo COVID-19 testing:

Please complete and submit this form to request a new test be added to the laboratory test menu. Answer all questions prior to submission.

Visitor Guidelines

Hendricks Regional Health has implemented visitor policy restrictions to keep our patients, staff and community safe. Here is helpful information about our visitation guidelines and what to expect if you or a family member is receiving care at one of our facilities.

Hendricks Regional Health will allow one visitor per patient in most settings including Surgery, Emergency Department, Outpatient Departments, Endoscopy, Inpatient Units and Physician Practices. The visitor must be the same person visiting throughout the patient’s length of stay.


One visitor (18 and older) will be welcomed per patient. Visitors must:

  • Screen negative for COVID-19 and follow all COVID-19 protocols during their visit
  • Wear a visitor tag that is always visible
  • Wear a hospital-provided mask at all times, including in the patient’s room

Visitors may leave the unit once per day throughout the patient’s stay to go to the Copper Grill or Gift Shop.

Visitors will be allowed for COVID-positive patients under specific parameters. Please speak with your Care Team for details related to your visitation. 

Exceptions will be considered in the following areas where a patient may receive two designated visitors (one visitor at a time):

  • End-of-life care
  • Pediatric and OB patients
  • Patients who require assistance for mobility, cognitive impairments or safety concerns
  • Patients who undergo a procedure or are administered medication requiring a visitor for safe transportation home
  • When needed, one language interpreter per patient along with one visitor

Visit Your Physician at Home with a Virtual Appointment

We are committed to giving you the same great care you’ve always received — and now that includes the option to schedule a virtual appointment for many types of visits. We make connecting with your doctor using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer simple, so you can get the care you need in the comfort of your home.

Learn More About Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

Monoclonal antibody treatments are used to treat COVID infections when they are in an early stage. These treatments have been proven effective for many people. Antibodies are a vital part of our immune system that tag foriegn, harmful material for removal so other parts of our immune system can clean it up. Learn more about how this process works by checking out our Monoclonal Antibody Education video!

The Mask Life

While adjusting to life wearing a mask hasn’t been easy, it’s a crucial part of doing everything we can to fight COVID. If we all work together and wear masks when we’re around others, we won’t just keep ourselves safer – we’ll help protect our friends, family and neighbors, too. Watch the video below to learn more about “the mask life,” and how everyone at Hendricks is doing their part.

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