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Cancer Patient Stories

Our goal is to guide our patients into survivorship with the highest quality of support and care. We live by a Treat People Better philosophy, and believe in talking to our patients and treating them as an individual, not a number. If you're curious about our cancer experience, read the following testimonials from past patients and their family members.

Tina's Story

"My experience at Hendricks Regional Health has been wonderful. I had a mammogram at a different facility; there was concern when calcifications were found. I wanted to go somewhere close to home so I chose HRH, which was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had my biopsy at HRH and was given my diagnosis in March 2012 of Poorly Differentiated Ductal Carcinoma. I was needless to say shocked and did not know what to do next.

Then stepped in the Cancer Navigator at Hendricks Regional Health, Lianna. She was beyond helpful. Lianna helped me with every step I needed to take to get to where I am today, from biopsies, chemo, surgery and now radiation. Everyone at the Women's Center are truly awesome people!! They all touched me and helped me become the 'Survivor' I am today."

- Tina, Danville

Michelle's Story

"My mom had to have surgery for cancer on her face. The cancer was very extensive and since it was on her face, we were very concerned. So many people were so kind. I was truly overwhelmed. But there were a few people who I cannot say enough good things about:

Dr. Yamcharern was simply amazing! The stitches were many and meticulous. He took great care of her during the procedure and his bedside manners after were just as kind as could be. I just cannot say enough good things about him. His associate, Dr. Wiegman, was also very kind with an excellent bedside manner.

Leann is a nurse on the surgery unit. Her care for her patients is absolutely amazing! She is kind to a fault and takes time with each patient to not only deal with the physical needs they have but to let them know that they have an advocate in her. She was very good at explaining things so we could understand. After only a few hours, I felt like I had found a friend in her.

Christina is an aide in the surgical unit. She never stopped moving! She has a tremendous amount of energy but always directed it to the patient. When Mom was nauseated, Christina went over and above, doing small things that would increase my mom's comfort: simple things like putting a cold cloth over her face and on the back of her neck. It wasn't part of her job but she cared enough and was experienced enough to try whatever she could. It was clear she took her job seriously and did her homework.

Linda (nurse) was great, too. She took every concern seriously. There was nothing she ignored or minimized."

- Michelle, Danville

Gerhard's Story

"I would like to thank the staff at the Avon Cancer Center for their outstanding care during my radiation treatment. They went above and beyond. Thanks to everyone on the team, especially Kelly, who even came in on New Year's Day to begin the treatment as soon as possible, to help me to become pain free again. Thanks again. God bless you."

- Gerhard, Avon

"My father Gerhard was a patient at Hendricks Regional Health for about 10 days. He is a Stage 4 cancer patient and was admitted to the hospital due to severe pain in his bones especially in his back. He was unable to walk, stand and move when I brought him into the hospital.

After outstanding care for him by the hospital stuff in the surgery unit, he is now pain free again. Everybody took such good care of him (the food service ladies, the transporters who took him back and forth to all of his treatments, the nurses, aides, the physical therapist, and Dr. Butler). Thank you so much for everything. No matter what time I was visiting my father, the hospital staff was very polite and helpful, especially in answering my questions and requests. We are very grateful for everything you have done for him. Thanks again. God bless the health care team."

- Cornelia, Avon

Tell Us Your Story

The feedback we receive from patients and their loved ones during and after their cancer journey at Hendricks Regional Health is invaluable. If you'd like to share your story with us, please contact us here.